Intro Team is an official non-profit organization located at Alsion, Sønderborg. Our purpose is to ensure a great social environment for the students at SDU Sønderborg. Our organization is arranging a wide range of social events and activities, in order to encourage social inclusion of all students at our campus, Danish as well as international. With SDU Sønderborg being the most international campus in all of Denmark, it is important that our international students are experiencing a proper reception when arriving in Denmark, and are getting the necessary assistance to settle in upon their arrival – here the Intro Team plays an important part.

Our events are for everyone, and variate from being more traditional Danish study start events, like Pub Crawl, Intro Tour and Intro Party, to more casual events, such as LAN-parties, Escape Room, Christmas Craft and Movie Nights. Intro Team also provides the students with the opportunity to try-out multiple activities, and talk with local sports clubs, organisations, etc. at our Activity Day. We furthermore arrange events out-of-house, at the local Squash club, Fitness Syd, etc.

Intro Team cooperates with many organisations and institutions in the local area, to ensure the best possible social environment for all students in Sønderborg. Our organisation is not solely focusing on the students at SDU in Sønderborg – we also help out at local events, such as Stella Polaris, Danmarks Internationale Gadeteater Festival, Young Digitals, at Royal visits, and more. It is our belief that a thriving social environment in Sønderborg, benefits both local citizens, and the students at SDU Sønderborg.